What Does It Do?
If you are an owner or operator of a Magento online store, the iOS Magento Alerts extension for Magento and companion iOS app allow you to browse sales stats and receive alerts on-the-go. Configure the push notifications you need, including alerts for any order, expedited shipping orders, large orders, site downtime, and Magento security releases.
iosiOS App
With the Magento Alerts app for iPhone, you can be connected with your store while on the move.
  • iOS app welcome screen
Elect to receive push notification alerts for:
   — Every order received
   — Large orders, defined by a customizable threshold
   — Expedited shipping orders
   — Magento security alerts
   — Site downtime

Quickly view sales stats from the past day, week, or month, including:
   — Sale amounts
   — Order frequency
   — Customer location
   — Most popular products


magentoMagento Extension
The iOS Alerts configuration page in Magento
Once installed, the iOS Alerts extension for Magento will register your online store with the Magento Alerts API so that some generalized store information is available to authorized mobile app users. You can control who has access to your store info by adding or removing their device keys from the Magento configuration page for the extension. Each authorized user can control the store events for which they receive mobile alerts, configurable in the app itself.

The iOS Alerts extension for Magento is available on the Magento Marketplace or from our Downloads page.


po-64What Data Gets Collected?
If enabled, the iOS Alerts extension for Magento stores generic information about new orders that are placed on your online store. This information is limited to the order increment ID, order total, shipping method, the items that were purchased, and the IP address used during checkout.

No identifying information about customers (e.g., name, address, credit card number, etc) is retained. Sales data is stored for a period of 30 days and then purged. This means year-on-year sales analysis is not supported.

help-64Get Help
If you have a question about the iOS Alerts extension for Magento or the Magento Alerts app for iPhone, please post on the Q & A section of our Magento Marketplace page.

If you have any unanswered questions about this app after visiting the Q & A section of our Magento Marketplace page, feel free to contact Insight Designs directly by email at