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iOS Magento Alerts

The iOS Alerts extension for Magento and companion iOS app allow you to browse Magento sales stats and receive alerts on-the-go. Configure the push notifications you need, including alerts for any order, expedited shipping orders, large orders, site downtime, and Magento security releases.

v.2.0.0 added 12/4/2017

Released Magento 2 compatible version

v.1.0.3 added 9/25/2015

Added better support for images routed through the One Pica Image CDN plugin

v.1.0.2 added 8/12/2015

Increased functionality for complex multishipping checkout orders

v.1.0.1 added 8/3/2015

Initial release of iOS Alerts extension for Magento, allowing for secure connection between Magento installations and iOS devices

Misc Script Disabler

The Misc Script Disabler extension for Magento will disable all potential fields that could execute malicious code.
This includes the following fields under: System->Configuration->General->Design
Miscellaneous Scripts, Miscellaneous HTML, Copyright
Note: the Copyright field will only be disabled if potential code is detected.
Furthermore, the extension will send out a warning of any potential malicious activity of these field, if selected.

v.1.0.1 added 12/5/2017

Initial release